Somali Government Forces Target Al-Shabaab in Galgaduud Region

Supported by local residents, Somalia’s federal government forces conducted a major operation targeting Al-Shabaab hideouts in the Galgaduud region, recovering a significant amount of weapons and inflicting casualties on the militant group.

Taking place in the forested areas between the towns of Galcad and Masagaway, the attack was led by the 86th unit of the 77th Brigade. Leading the troops, commander Abdinur Yusuf Qadaye stated they entered a remote area known to be used by Al-Shabaab to organize attacks.

“There was a strong attack on the Khawarij, and we recovered a significant amount of weapons from the dead and injured Khawarij. Remaining in the jungle, we are continuing our efforts,” Qadaye said.

Including frequent operations against Al-Shabaab with the assistance of residents and international allies, the operation is part of a series of actions by government forces. Efforts aim to dismantle the militant group’s strongholds and reduce their capacity to launch attacks.

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