Somali Government Orders Exhumations for Naval Training Center

The Somali government has ordered the removal of bodies from Bulusiya School cemetery in Mogadishu to make way for a naval training center. This has caused significant emotional distress and protests among families who must now exhume and reinter their loved ones.

Sade Buulle had to move his grandmother, Warsan Haji Mohamed, who was buried in the cemetery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, despite her wish not to be buried in Mogadishu. “It took us two days to bring her out. We were shocked and saddened,” he said.

Defense Minister Abdulkadir Mohamed Noor emphasized the importance of the land for national interests and urged families to comply within ten days. This decision has sparked protests, with residents accusing the government of insensitivity and lack of transparency.

Former government spokesman Abdirahman Osman denied claims that the previous government planned to build a hotel on the site. The cemetery, significant to many families, underscores the tension between development and community sentiment.

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