Somali Military Destroys al-Shabab Child Recruitment Bases

The Somali military announced they destroyed al-Shabab bases used for recruiting children during a week-long operation. The missions took place in the Southwest, Hirshabelle, and Galmudug regions.

According to Abukar Mohamed Hassan, the Ministry of Defense spokesperson, the army conducted operations in Middle Shabelle, Hiraan, Galgadud, Bay, and Bakool. These operations inflicted heavy losses on al-Shabab and disrupted their activities significantly.

The military specifically targeted facilities where al-Shabab gathered children and extorted money from rural communities. By dismantling these bases, the government aims to weaken the group’s recruitment efforts and reduce their influence in these areas.

Despite the successful operation, the spokesperson did not provide details on the number of al-Shabab members killed. The government continues its efforts to combat the militant group and restore stability in the affected regions.

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