Somali Police Force to Deploy Bomb Detection Dogs at Mogadishu Checkpoints


Bomb detection dogs will be deployed by the Somali Police Force at every checkpoint in Mogadishu to enhance security and prevent explosives, according to spokesperson Abdifitah Adan Hassan.

Saturday’s announcement by Hassan stated that the dogs are specifically trained to sniff out explosives, providing an additional layer of security that traditional methods might miss. He assured the public that the dogs pose no threat, emphasizing their role in ensuring safety. He also noted that Somalis have long used dogs to protect their fields and homes.

“Indispensable dogs are coming to Mogadishu. By 2025, we hope every checkpoint will have a dog on duty, ensuring smooth traffic flow and thorough investigation of any suspicious individuals,” Hassan said.

Following a recent trial run of dogs inspecting public transportation at checkpoints in Mogadishu, the decision was made. While some residents have expressed concern about the dogs touching their belongings during inspections, police say the dogs are essential for security.

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