Somali President Holds Emergency Security Summit Amid Al-Shabab Threat

At the Police Command Headquarters in Mogadishu, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud convened a meeting with police commanders, military operation leaders, Armed Forces Commanders, and the Minister of Defense on Thursday.

During the meeting, President Mohamud discussed with army leaders the need to expedite operations to liberate the country and ensure the security of major towns, including the capital.

Emphasizing strict accountability for matters related to the ongoing war, President Hassan Sheikh reiterated the government’s commitment to counterterrorism efforts.

Recent events in the central Mudug region saw government forces and local militias withdrawing from several towns, resulting in al-Shabaab militants regaining control.

Last night witnessed militants from the al-Shabab group attacking a hotel near the presidential palace in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

The SYL Hotel, popular among government officials, was targeted by the Islamist group, which had attacked it previously.

Witnesses reported explosions and gunfire from inside the hotel, with fighters allegedly present during the attack.

Media associated with the group claimed that four Somali MPs sustained injuries during the assault on the hotel.

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