Somali President visits police HQ amid outcry over women’s murders

Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud made a visit to the police headquarters in Mogadishu on Monday, following the recent incidents where three women tragically lost their lives, allegedly at the hands of their husbands, sparking widespread outrage in the capital.

During his visit, President Mohamud called upon the Somali Police Force to prioritize the development of the country’s legal framework and to intensify efforts in combating corruption and drug abuse. He was briefed on various aspects, including the organizational structure, operational procedures, reform plans, and statistical data of the Somali Police Force by different units within the force’s leadership.

The Somali police force successfully apprehended the perpetrators responsible for the deaths of the women, all of which occurred within the first week of February. However, despite these arrests, relatives of the victims staged protests last week in Mogadishu, demanding justice. It is worth noting that two of the victims were pregnant at the time of their deaths.

During the protests, demonstrators held up placards featuring images of Lul Abdi Aziz Jazirain, depicting her in the hospital bed where she fought for survival after being doused with petrol and set on fire. Despite enduring severe burns and agonizing pain for seven days, Jazira, a widow and mother of six, ultimately succumbed to her injuries. She had met her second husband, an airport worker named Sayid Ali Moalim Daud, at Mogadishu airport, where she was employed. Shortly thereafter, Daud was arrested by security forces for the alleged murder of his pregnant wife.

In the southern district of Qoryoley, Saleban Haji Abdi was arrested and charged with fatally stabbing his 22-year-old wife, Fus Mahfud Mohamed, who was pregnant with their fourth child. The incident occurred on February 3rd, marking the tragic end of their seven-year marriage.

On February 4th, in the town of Afgoye, near Mogadishu, another man was apprehended outside his family home, with gasoline and matches in his possession, raising suspicions of an attempted attack on his wife and children. Prompt intervention by neighbors prevented a potential tragedy.

In his remarks, the President commended the significant achievements of the Police Force and encouraged officers and their leadership to enforce regulations and policies aimed at protecting the dignity of law enforcement personnel and the community. He emphasized the importance of fostering strong partnerships, which play a crucial role in ensuring the security of the country and the safety of Somali women and children.

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