Somalia Miraa Export Stalled by Meru Farmers Amid Tax Surge

In Meru, Kenya, miraa (khat) farmers have declared a week-long halt to their exports to Somalia, citing concerns over high tax rates. The suspension is a reaction to the financial strain they face due to the 80,000 Kenyan shilling (627.25$) levy imposed per shipment at airports.

The steep tax, introduced in 2022, has significantly reduced the farmers’ earnings. During a gathering at Maili Tatu Stadium, they expressed their grievances and warned that the suspension could extend if the Kenyan government fails to address their issues promptly.

The tax dispute comes after Somalia, in July 2022, consented to renew khat trade with Kenya, a move facilitated by discussions between Somali President Hassan Sheikh and former Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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