Somalia: Stay Calm as Middle East Situation Gets Worse

The Federal Republic of Somalia is calling for calm as tensions rise in the Middle East. In a statement released on April 14, 2024, the Somali government expressed worry about recent clashes that could disrupt peace locally and globally.

The situation escalated when Iran launched an unexpected drone and missile attack on Israeli territory, sparking fears of a wider conflict. Somalia emphasized the need for Israel to halt military actions in Gaza and advocated for a solution based on a two-state agreement, supporting Palestinian rights.

Somalia urged swift international intervention to calm tensions and prevent further strife that could harm both regional stability and global peace.

Leaders worldwide, including United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, echoed Somalia’s concerns. Guterres stressed the urgency of defusing the situation through dialogue.

Meanwhile, the U.S. clarified its position, with President Joe Biden informing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the U.S. won’t join any potential Israeli response to Iran. This signals a cautious approach, favoring diplomacy over military actions to stabilize the region.

Analysts observe an international effort to resolve the crisis through diplomacy while supporting Israel’s defense needs.

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