Somalia’s Parliament Faces Important Vote on Changing Constitution, Even Though Puntland Disagrees

Hassan Moalim Mohamud, Somalia’s Minister of Constitutional Affairs, talked about finishing discussions on changing the constitution. He said it’s an important moment when parliament will decide.

Mohamud said people were worried because Puntland didn’t join the talks. But he explained that Puntland was part of it from the beginning. They have people in both parts of parliament, and they talked about the changes too.

He also said even if Puntland doesn’t agree, it won’t stop Somalia from moving forward. He talked about how they’ve tried to include Puntland in meetings to talk about it.

Some people don’t like the changes, not just in Puntland but also other big leaders. Ex-presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed say President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud wants too much power. They say if parliament says yes to the changes, it could make things worse for Somalia’s government. They want parliament to think again.

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