Somalia’s President Applauds Hormuud Telecom’s Introduction of 5G Network: A Turning Point in Digital Innovation

Mogadishu, Somalia – Hormuud Telecom, a leading player in Somalia’s telecommunications sector, has taken a significant step towards the country’s digital transformation with the unveiling of its 5G network. This milestone signifies progress in enhancing Somalia’s digital landscape and socio-economic conditions.

Two decades ago, Somalia faced the challenge of establishing a robust communication network. Hormuud Telecom entered the market, introducing basic GSM services leading up to 4G, and pioneered mobile money, now utilized by over 90% of Somalis, showcasing the company’s commitment to meeting the needs of the Somali people.

The recent launch of the 5G network, attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, underscores the government’s acknowledgment of Hormuud Telecom’s contributions to national development. In his address, the President commended the company for its significant impact on job creation and enhancing interconnectivity, vital in the current era of technological advancement.

President Mohamud, who has overseen pivotal milestones such as debt relief and Somalia’s admission into the East African Community, remarked: “We recall a time when telephones were a rarity, and airtime calls cost three dollars per minute. Today, we have transitioned from analogue to digital.”

He emphasized how telecommunications technology has boosted efficiency across various sectors of the economy, benefiting education, healthcare, economics, and finance.

The launch of Hormuud’s 5G network is poised to stimulate trade within Somalia and extend its reach across borders, supporting growing sectors like the Blue Economy and construction. Covering over 30 towns and cities, including Mogadishu, the network signifies a significant step towards broader internet coverage and reliability.

Initially accessible in Mogadishu, Kismayo, Galkayo, Baidoa, Dhusamareeb, Beledwayne, Afgoye, Merca, and Dhobley, providing 81% coverage, the 5G rollout comes at no additional cost to existing Hormuud customers. The current tariff of $20 a month for unlimited data remains, making it competitive with the continent’s most affordable data providers.

President Mohamud praised Hormuud Telecom for its role in job creation nationwide, highlighting the positive ripple effect of its 35,000 employees on society.

Furthermore, he assured the company and other private entities of the government’s protection and lauded Hormuud Telecom for facilitating communication across the nation.

“Similar to international companies like Boeing, GMC, and Toyota receiving government protection for their countries’ national security and interests, our companies like Hormuud are of national security and interest,” added the president.

President Mohamud’s commitment to supporting private sector initiatives like Hormuud Telecom demonstrates a strategic approach to economic development through public-private partnerships, recognizing the private sector’s central role in growth.

“We applaud and congratulate Hormuud Company and assure them that the Somali government stands behind them, providing necessary support,” stated President Mohamud.

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