Somalia’s president wants the country to be united, even though there are arguments about the constitution with Puntland.

President Hassan Sheikh has called on Somalia’s regional governments to avoid turning important national issues like unity, solidarity, and independence into political disputes. This appeal comes amidst ongoing tensions with Puntland over constitutional amendments.

In a statement from the Office of the Somali President, Mohamud reiterated his administration’s commitment to enhancing cooperative relationships with regions, especially Puntland. “Since assuming office on May 15, 2022, enhancing cooperation based on constitutional principles has been a priority to advance our national agendas,” Mohamud stated, noting progress in security, economic development, and federalization.

The call for unity follows the recent cancellation of the National Consultative Council meeting, which was halted by Puntland’s non-participation. Puntland has withheld recognition of Mohamud’s government, demanding a rollback of recent constitutional changes as a precondition for further dialogue.

The Somali government asserts it has avoided politicizing economic, development, and humanitarian concerns, instead focusing on reinforcing the constitutional roles and rights of regional administrations. “We remain committed to depoliticizing our collaborative duties, particularly in economic development and humanitarian efforts,” Mohamud said.

Efforts to amend Somalia’s federal constitution continue, with the government engaging both political stakeholders and the public to foster dialogue aimed at establishing a democratic governance structure that addresses the needs of Somali citizens.

Mohamud emphasized the importance of national unity and solidarity in his statement, reminding regional governments of their responsibilities under the national constitution and the broader impact of their political decisions. “Issues central to the fate of the Somali government, including national unity, solidarity, independence, and political integrity, should never be politicized,” he concluded.

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