Somaliland Dismisses Somalia’s New Constitution

omaliland’s Minister of Information, Ali Hassan Mohamed, also known as Ali Marehaan, affirmed on Saturday that the newly approved Constitution by the Parliament of Somalia does not have jurisdiction over the regions of Somaliland.

Speaking with SAHAN TV, the Minister stressed that the people of Somaliland have never been under the purview of Somalia’s Constitution.

“Somalia is a state of our neighbors. The Constitution does not pertain to us. Even in 1960, when a constitution was ratified, we rejected it as it was solely for them,” stated Minister Ali Marehaan.

Somaliland declared its independence from Somalia in 1991, yet its sovereignty has not been acknowledged by any country in the subsequent decades.

On Saturday, the Parliament unanimously endorsed proposals to overhaul the electoral system of the country and reintroduce universal suffrage. This move has faced criticism from former Presidents, ex-Prime Ministers, and certain politicians, as well as from the Puntland State.

Nevertheless, Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud emphasized that the revised Constitution is rooted in Islamic Sharia and Somali traditions, underscoring the significance of the Somali government in finalizing the Constitution.

The regional administration of Puntland declared its withdrawal of recognition of the Federal Government of Somalia, citing the constitutional amendments as a breach of the federal agreement that historically unified the nation.

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