Somaliland’s Sports Community Mourns the Loss of Boqole and Gadhle in Tragic Accident

Tragically, a car accident today claimed the lives of Abdishakur Mohamed Ahmed, known as Boqole, and Abdirahman Yasin Ali Gadhle, leaving Somaliland’s sports community in mourning.

Occurring between the towns of Sheikh and Burco in Somaliland, the accident was confirmed by their relatives to the BBC. The death of Boqole has sent shockwaves through social media, with many expressing sorrow and acknowledging his contributions to the sport.

Renowned in Somaliland’s football scene, Boqole was the goalkeeper for the Ministry of Finance’s top team in the self-declared republic. Team chairman Kamal Mohamed Yusuf, who visited the accident site, said that Abdishakur’s death profoundly affected the sports community. “He was the backbone of the team, and his death was a shock to us. It deeply touched me and the rest of the team,” Kamal stated.

Praising Boqole’s exceptional talent, Mohamed Abdi Abdilahi, a former teammate from Burco, remembered him fondly. “Abdishakur was one of the young football players who started in Burco. I remember him playing at Alamze Stadium,” Mohamed said.

Highlighting the loss to the team, Boqole’s coach, Ahmed Mohamed Idaan, emphasized its impact. “His death has affected everyone in the sports community. As his coach, we often spent long hours discussing the team and the world,” Idaan remarked. He added that Boqole was known for uniting the youth. “His football skills made him loved by everyone. His personality was sweet, and he got along well with people.”

Joining the Ministry of Finance team three years ago, Boqole had won the capital league cup in the 2023/2024 season, which included ten first-class teams. In Somaliland’s regional games, Boqole represented the Howd region, known for its football prowess. He also played in Mogadishu, Puntland, and other areas within the Somali regional government, as well as for Hargeisa’s local government, civil society, and the aviation team.

Born at the end of April 1996 in the Yarowe area near Burco in the Togdheer region, Boqole is survived by three children: a boy and two girls. According to his team’s management, he will be buried in Burco town in the Togdheer region.

Possessing skills beyond goalkeeping, Boqole was adept at laying artificial green carpet fields, a talent well-known in Somaliland. His last project was completed in the Wadamogo area near Ayinaba, and Coach Idaan praised it. “May God have mercy on Boqole. He was not only a skilled footballer but also a dedicated professional in other fields,” Idaan said.

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