Talks in Nairobi: Sheikh Sharif and President Hassan Sheikh’s Meeting Ends Without a Decision

In Nairobi, important leaders from Somalia met to talk about big problems in their country. They wanted to find solutions to things like politics and laws, but after talking for a long time, they couldn’t agree on anything.

One of the leaders, Sheikh Sharif, said, “We talked a lot, but we couldn’t agree on everything. We need to keep talking and find ways to solve our problems together.”

Somalia’s President also went to Nairobi to talk with Kenya’s leader, hoping to fix a problem with Ethiopia and Somaliland. They talked about laws and politics, especially fights between the national government and a part of Somalia called Puntland.

Sheikh Sharif thanked the people who helped with the talks and said they should keep working together to solve problems.

Even though they didn’t find all the answers in the meeting, they believe it’s important to keep talking and find ways to work together.

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