Turkey and Somalia Formalize Defense and Economic Partnership, Confirms Somali President

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia officially endorsed the Turkey-Somalia Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement on Wednesday, following its approval by both the executive and legislative branches.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page the next day, President Mohamud declared, “I am proud to announce the formal implementation of the Defense and Economic Cooperation Agreement between Somalia and Turkey, as ratified by the members of the People’s Assembly of the Federal Parliament of Somalia. This agreement signifies our steadfast commitment to safeguarding Somalia’s security, resources, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.”
Underlining the strategic significance of the 10-year pact, he highlighted its role in fostering the development of the blue economy, enhancing fishery production, facilitating the construction of economic infrastructure, preserving marine resources, combating terrorism, and preventing illicit activities along Somalia’s coastline.
This milestone comes amid escalating tensions between Somalia and Ethiopia, ignited by the recent signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Ethiopia and Somaliland, a region seeking independence. Somalia’s staunch opposition to the MOU stems from its accusations that Ethiopia harbors territorial ambitions within Somalia’s borders, a concern President Hassan Sheikh has consistently raised in various African Union forums and other international arenas.

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