Vice President of Puntland Says Federal Government is Taking Too Much Power for Itself

Puntland Vice President Osman Ilyas Lugator says Somalia’s government changed a lot in 30 years, becoming more like a dictatorship, where all the power is in the president’s hands.

During a discussion on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday night, Mr. Lugator said the changes to the constitution are meant to take away power from regional governments and the Prime Minister’s office.

“This new constitution makes it so all the power is in the president’s hands; the balance of power is gone,” Lugator said.

The Vice President said that this change is hurting Puntland’s efforts to build the country. He said Puntland still wants to help Somalia and wants to build the country together, following the rules in Somalia’s constitution.

Vice President Lugator warned that changing Somalia’s constitution might split the country.

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