Waddani Party Leader Calls for Accountability of Somaliland President

According to Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, chairman of Somaliland’s Waddani Party, President Muse Bihi Abdi must be held accountable for crimes committed in Somaliland during his term in office.

During an event in Hargeisa on Sunday night, Hirsi said, “Tonight, the first criminal person who needs to be held accountable is Bihi. For what happened in the country and the situation he is in now, he must be held accountable.”

Accusing the president of withdrawing from an agreement made by the elders of East Buro, facilitated by rebels based in the Gan-libah mountains, Hirsi claimed this move was to create conflict and avoid elections.

“The people see you and are waiting for the elections, and what you are talking about is not here. But we respect the authorities’ agreement,” said Hirsi.

Addressing President Bihi’s statement on Saturday that members of the rebels based in the Gan-libah mountains who killed police officers in an attack last year would be brought to justice, Hirsi highlighted the urgency of accountability.

Emphasizing the need for unity, Waddani Party candidate Abdirahman Irro stated that he will work to bring the Somaliland community together if he wins the elections.

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