Why Somalia and Ethiopia Are Angry at Each Other?

A recent disagreement has arisen between Somalia and Somaliland following a deal struck between Somaliland and Ethiopia. This deal involves granting Ethiopia access to the Red Sea through Somaliland’s coastline and the establishment of a naval base. However, Somalia’s government has expressed strong opposition to this agreement.

Somalia perceives the deal as a threat to its sovereignty and interests in the region. It views the presence of a foreign naval base and the granting of access to the Red Sea to a neighboring country as potentially destabilizing factors.

The diplomatic rift between Somalia and Somaliland has escalated as a result of this agreement. Somalia has voiced its anger and frustration, indicating that it may further strain relations between the two entities.

Although the disagreement remains diplomatic for now, there are concerns about potential broader implications. The situation raises questions about regional stability and the possibility of further tensions between Somalia, Somaliland, and Ethiopia.

The ongoing dispute underscores the complex geopolitical dynamics in the Horn of Africa region. It highlights the challenges of managing territorial disputes and balancing national interests in a volatile environment.

As the situation unfolds, it will be important to closely monitor developments and explore avenues for dialogue and peaceful resolution. Efforts to de-escalate tensions and promote cooperation between the involved parties will be crucial for stability and progress in the region.

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